BDH Strategic provides consulting services to clients in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. Our principals and consultants have been involved in the Information Technology (IT) industry for over 20 years, and our mission is to:

Support businesses through major IT changes.

Improve business efficiency through better use of IT.

Provide planning and management services for major IT projects.

Provide methodologies and quality systems that improve IT efficiency.

We are successful in business due to our ability to save our clients money and deliver them real, tangible benefits.

We do this through 4 service streams:



Whilst it may seem obvious, planning is possibly the most important and yet least attended to phase of a project. All too often projects are driven without a clear and shared goal between the business and IT. At the end of the day, if the project fails to deliver measurable benefits to the business, it is generally due to a disconnect between the businesses expectations against IT deliverable’s. BDH Strategic attends to these issues by ensuring the scope and goals are well defined and understood by all parties involved. BDH Strategic caters for this by providing the following services:

IT Strategic Planning
Project Planning
Feasibility & Cost Benefit Analysis
Implementation Planning
Tender & Outsource


Once the scope and goals of a project are defined, it is necessary to manage the project rigorously. BDH Strategic’s intention is to provide the required focus to the management of the project without distraction. As planning is important to the direction of the project, management is what stops "the wheels falling off". BDH Strategic provides the following management services:

Project Management
Business Change Management
Management & Development Methodologies
Business Process Re-engineering
Project review

Business Analysis

As part of the initial definition phases and the ongoing health of any project, Business Analysis is crucial. The ability to be able to understand the business requirements, accurately document these and then impart this knowledge to the IT service providers can be one of the biggest points of failing of any project. Even if a project is well managed, if it does not deliver the business expectations then it can never succeed.

BDH Strategic provides the following business analysis services:

Requirements gathering
Business specification definition
Functional specification definition
Technical specification definition
Business & IT Workshop facilitation
Business & technical specifications review


BDH Strategic sees empowerment as the key to the ongoing success of the project, once implementation has occurred. This empowerment provides the client with a sense of ownership of the project. It is important that knowledge transfer occurs to the client in order that they understand the ongoing requirements to maintain the success of the project once delivered. BDH Strategic is able to provide training in the following areas:

Project Management
Project Management Mentoring
Business Change Management
Management & Development Methodologies
Business Process Re-engineering

To enhance these services we have a strategic partner network, providing complimentary products and services that allow us to deliver integrated total solutions to our clients.

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